Relocate Your Business to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the ideal destination for the European companies to minimize taxes and avoid heavy bureaucratic procedures. Bulgaria has a stable economy and the lowest taxation rates within the European union. It is often called the “tax heaven” of Europe. The country is a preferred location for companies and individuals who provide services or trade goods within the EU.

Olsen and Partners Bulgaria Ltd. supported many European companies and individuals to establish and successfully develop business in Bulgaria. We can assist you in transferring your activities and company formation to Bulgaria and doing business in compliance with the local regulations.

Our company offers a full range of accounting & bookkeeping services – preparation and filling of VAT declarations, financial reports, annual tax returns, payroll services, etc. We also offer a registered office for your company which allows you to act as a local entity –you can pay taxes in Bulgaria, while residing in your country. In order to facilitate your daily activities we offer email and Skype communication. We save your time and money.

If you need to protect your assets we offer secure nominee services. You can stay “invisible” and do your  business without any trace or connection with you. Do not let your creditors or your local tax authorities to touch your assets.

The accounting services are performed by Negus accounting solutions, member of Olsen and partners Bulgaria Ltd.

If you have a company doing business in a country with high taxation and you are willing to decrease significantly your tax payments, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Why Bulgaria is the right place to relocate your business?

Bulgarian Taxation 2013

Corporate Income Tax


Personal Income Tax - flat rate


Dividend Tax for individuals


Dividend Tax for companies


Withholding Tax for some services




VAT for Tourist services


VAT within EU


Social charges (due from the employer)


Social charges (due from the employee)



In addition to the low taxation rates Bulgaria offers:

- The common EU-system of VAT applies to Bulgaria – rules for VAT taxation and VAT recovery are the same;

- Bulgaria has signed agreements to avoid double taxation with 58 countries (including almost all EU- member states) which save withholding tax for most of the transactions;

- Fast registration process for new companies;

- Less bureaucracy and more freedom for your business; 

- Stable banking system – there is no foreign currency risk as the local currency, the Bulgarian Lev (BGN), has a fixed rate to the Euro;

- Relatively inexpensive labor costs, particularly for unqualified jobs;

- Daily flights from/to most of the European capitals and major cities.


Your benefits with Olsen and Partners Bulgaria Ltd.:

If you sign an annual contract for accounting services (fees starting from 80 euro monthly) you get:

- free company registration;

- free opening of a bank account;

- free tax advice on the most appropriate business structure;

- professional assistance by a qualified team with thorough international experience.


If you have a company doing business in a country with high taxation and you are willing to decrease significantly your tax payments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bulgaria is the right place to relocate your business.